Raven Riley using her fleshlight

Raven Riley November 23rd, 2007

raven riley using fleshlight

Check out these pictures of hot Raven Riley using her fleshlight, cool color by the way. Man this dark haired chick is so hot. I have one of her fleshlights, I just joined up at her website and downloaded the videos of her masturbating and sucking cock. I have my fleshlight in front of me and it rocks. It’s like I’m actually fucking Raven Riley now!! The fleshlight feels like real pussy too, and not some shitty stretched out slutty pussy, but rather a nice tight girl – just like raven’s pussy. Raven Riley updates her website every week with fresh pictures and videos, It’s one of the better solo girl porn sites on the internet right now… hell, that’s why she has her own personal fleshlight. Plus, when you buy her fleshlight you get an autographed photo and a free DVD – a pretty good deal.

If the raven riley fleshlight is sold out there are plenty more fleshlight girls to choose from. I suggest Lupe Fuentes or the latest fleshlight girl, Stoya. The fleshlight is the most popular sex toy and has sold over 2 million units, so they must be doing something right. The bottom line is that it feels great and you’ll never want to use your hand after trying one of these out. That’s what I found anyways. See how long you can last fucking a fleshlight and report back to me!

raven riley fleshlight
raven riley fleshlight

Buy your Raven Riley Fleshlight Here, and you’ll feel what it’s really like to fuck her pussy – That’s what this sex toy was molded from!

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Braden says:

Lol i wanna fuck raven for real that would be awsome and that guy in the pic getting a fleshlight job from raven is the luckiest guy in the world.

Anonymous says:

iam jerkin off 2 her

josh says:

i would cum all over her

suck my ass says:

ooh baby please eat my shit

raven riley says:

i wana fuck her too. i have her fleshlight and it feels so good. i got it next to me now ready to stroke my cock to a messy eruption.

wtf? says:

lol i never posted that
he mustve stole my name xD

nick says:

wow fuck me raven

Oliver Ratcliffe says:

Damn……I am so jealous of that guy, it’s like my dream, getting a blow job and by a starwars light sabre!

balls says:

see raven riley doesnt take dicks she buys fake pussys and fucks them lmao…

Rick says:

that turns me on maybe we should meat up and fuck

patterson says:

anyone would be very lucky to get fucked by raven.

patterson says:

i just want to suck her pussy and fuck it.

x says:

fuckin awesome…..i want u raven come to me, please :)

JonnyD says:

oh man i wanna fuckin bend her over stick my cock in her pussy and fuckin blow my load :)

PoorMan says:

want.. Fleshlight…so….poor….

raven says:

now now fellas play nice :-) an yes babe i would love 2 meet up again with u big boy! Xxx miss ya

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